Countdown to Meineke Convention

Dear Meineke Franchisees,

Every year, I get truly excited as the annual Meineke Convention approaches. It’s an occasion like no other−one that affords us the opportunity to celebrate our shared achievements, to engage with and learn from one another, and to collaborate on new and innovative ways to continually grow our business and the Meineke brand.

But what’s even more rewarding for me, personally, is the opportunity to come together with all of you as one unified Meineke team. It’s always an invaluable experience and I enjoy seeing so many familiar faces and getting to know new partners in our business.

This year’s Convention in Las Vegas will not disappoint. The theme, “All Us. All In.” is the rallying cry that will inspire and empower us all to come together and slingshot us to the front of the pack. We have a great business! Founded in 1972 by an exceptional leader and entrepreneur, we’ve rebuilt over the last few years to enable us to win in the 21st century. It’s time to take this baby out for a spin. Pedal to the metal, let’s show the world what we are capable of! All Us. All In.

We have a robust agenda, packed with interactive workshops, informative presentations and inspiring speakers. Also, for the first time ever, we will announce our new Meineke branding at the convention and YOU have a say! That’s right, franchisees have the opportunity to vote at this year’s convention from among 3-5 advertising campaigns presented by Meineke Corporate. One vote, per center, majority wins, and you must be present to vote. This is our way of trying to ensure we all have a brand we’re proud of.

I encourage each and every Meineke franchisee to attend the Convention to take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity for renewed learning, partnership, and collaboration. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fun events and festive atmosphere that always make this annual event a huge hit.

I cannot be prouder of what we have accomplished together this past year and I look forward to celebrating with you our continued success. It is truly “All Us. All In.” as we pave the way to an even stronger future ahead.


Danny Rivera
President, Meineke Car Care Centers


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